2010Originating from Taipei’s Shilin Night Market.

『Truedan remains dedicated to turning our bubble into “Elixirs”.』


Truedan remains dedicated to turning our bubble into “elixirs”.

A year of continuous experiments and refinements to our proportions later, we have developed the perfect 0.85cm bite-size bubble. They are bathed in hand-cooked brown sugar and served with milk from carefully selected independent dairy farms. With this, we have popularized a Taiwanese delicacy, the Brown Sugar Bubble with Milk.
Despite the complex process, our hand-cooked brown sugar and the traditional method of preparing our bubble remain the key to the drink’s deliciousness. In addition to their unique texture and taste, none of our drinks contains aroma chemicals or food coloring. It is delicious and light on the stomach.

Truedan’s core values: service, quality, attitude

Our values have never changed. We insist on making the best product, providing the friendliest service, and cherishing every customer on our way to creating a trustworthy brand.
In the next 10 to 20 years, Truedan will continue to accompany you into the future with our most authentic and loving craftsmanship.